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What is auto-dispatching?
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Auto-dispatching is a powerful feature that automatically assigns rides to the nearest, most available driver when a new ride is created.

After the ride is assigned to that particular driver, they have the option to accept or reject the assignment.

You can specify how long the driver has to respond to an assignment before it is sent to the next closest available driver.

As a dispatcher, you are also able to override this process and manually assign a driver.

From the driver perspective, they can see a ride "assignment" and the amount of time they have to accept or decline it.

To prevent drivers from taking multiple rides, we prevent drivers from accepting new rides during times when they already have rides in progress.

With auto-dispatching, your company is able to offer both on-demand and pre-scheduled rides with the same great customer experience.

For on-demand, it is important for the ride to go out to the correct driver as soon as possible. You can enable auto-dispatching so that the closest driver will be notified immediately when the ride is created.

For pre-scheduled, you can enable delayed dispatching to choose the best driver at the time of pickup.

For example, if a ride is scheduled for 4PM the next day, you can set the auto-dispatching process to begin at 3:30PM, ensuring that the driver chosen is the closest available driver at the time of pickup.

Running Multiple Cycles

Auto-dispatch can run through the list of available drivers multiple times, giving drivers another opportunity to take the trip. Each of these "cycles" can also be limited by a radius to ensure that drivers are close enough to the pick-up point.

A recommended implementation would be to have the first cycle go through a short radius that's close to the pick-up point, followed by a second cycle with a larger radius that gives more drivers the opportunity to take the trip.

These customizations are put into place to ensure the passenger is assigned the best driver in the shortest amount of time possible.

To learn more about delayed dispatching, click here.

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