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Send messages to customers or drivers right from dispatch

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EverTransit fleets can now send message campaigns right from dispatch!

To open up the messages dashboard, go to, or click the applications icon and select ‘messages’.

On your dashboard you will see a chart of the messages sent within the last 15 days, below you will see the last 50 messages sent.

You will also see three buttons on the left, dashboard, campaigns and groups.

On the top you will see the amount of credits you have for sending messages, you will also be able to add additional credits.

To add credit to your account, click ‘add credit’

Here you can select how much to add to your account. You can then pay with a card you have on file, or add a new card but clicking the ‘new card’ button.

To send a message, click on ‘campaigns’, here is where you can see any campaigns you have scheduled or sent.

To create a new campaign, click ‘new campaign’.

Enter the campaign name and choose the group from your list of groups that you want to send the message to, if you need to create a group, click ‘create’ and you will be able to create a new group.

Enter the message you would like to send, on the right you will see a preview of the message.

You have the option to add ‘stop to end’ at the bottom of the message so your contacts can opt-out of receiving future message campaigns.

You will see the number of members the message is going to as well as the price and total campaign cost.

Once ready to send, click ‘send’.

Once sent, you can click on dashboard to see the stats of the campaign, you can see information such as who the message sent to, as well as if it was delivered or not.

That is how to send message campaigns to your customers or drivers!

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