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Ride Import Tool

Import rides into the EverTransit system

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EverTransit has a new and improved ride import tool.

This can be accessed by going to

First, click the control panel on the top right corner.

Then, click ‘Import/Export’.

This will open up the Import/Export tool.

Drag the file you want to upload into the import tool or click to browse your computer to find the file.

The next step is to match up your fields with the EverTransit fields. You can do so by clicking the plus sign under the ‘Your Fields’ section.

If one of the fields does not match up and it is not required (a red * will denote what is required), you can leave it blank, for example: the email field. If your file has the passenger’s name in two columns, you can add both of those fields to the EverTransit name field.

Certain fields such as the address fields may need more specification depending on your source file. In this case, the address on the source file is listed in three different columns. To combine those into one cell, click where it says ‘Full Address’ and choose ‘Address Elements’. Now you can match up the address, city, state, and zip code.

If you have multiple service levels or account service levels you can click where it says ‘single service’ and select ‘multi service’. From here you can add the ‘service type’, as well as the account ID.

Continue to match up the rest of your fields.

Click ‘Start Import’.

The next step is to map the service levels. In our example we have 3 different service levels.

Click the plus sign next to the service level to select the correct level from your dispatch.

Once done, click ‘Next’.

You will now see a preview of the data from your spreadsheet mapped to the correct fields.

Once you have reviewed the data, click ‘Import Now’. You will see the total number of rides imported as well as any errors associated with the rides.

You can click ‘Start Import’ if you need to upload another file.

The rides are now in Dispatch!

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