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How do I manually set a ride's pricing?
How do I manually set a ride's pricing?

Learn how you can override default pricing in the new booking form to create a special rate or add/edit surcharges

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When Booking a new reservation you can choose between your pre-designed Service levels to use as a pricing structure, However in the event that a pricing modification is required at the point of booking. Administrators or Dispatchers using the "New Booking" feature Can turn on the "Override pricing" option.

How to Override the price of a reservation:

This is a Dispatch only feature, Once you're on the EverTransit New booking page, You can scroll down to the bottom of the "Service details section", There you'll see the "Override Pricing" check box, Go ahead and turn that on.

You can choose between "Flat fare" Or "Custom" rates.

Flat Fare - You can enter a Flat pricing value to the ride, This will be stripped of any distance/duration rates.

Custom Fare - This contains the Service level pricing structure therefore allowing you to enter custom Distance/Duration rates.

Surcharges - You can now edit the service level's default surcharges or add additional surcharges to that specific reservation. Making changes on the new booking screen WILL NOT edit your actual service levels, it will only affect the reservation you are currently booking.

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