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Time vs Local Time

Learn how the different time settings affect your Dispatch, as well as Daylight Savings Time.

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When scheduling rides across timezones, there's no need for mental gymnastics to try and convert the pickup time of the ride. Simply enter the time the ride it's meant for according to where it's located. For example if you are in New York and you have a ride in California at 3pm, enter 3pm as the pickup time. The system will enter the time correctly, however your rides grid may be showing a discrepancy.

That is because the rides grid shows times according to your timezone. As a user who manages from the backend, you sometimes need to make last minute changes, perhaps to the driver or the pricing before the ride takes place. The rides grid shows you the time the ride will take place for you, as it's your user experience. However, if you'd like to see the Local time for when the ride will take place, simply click into the ride details as shown above, and you'll be able to see the Local Time.
If you'd like to change the way Dispatch displays it's time in the rides grid to a "Local' based time, press the Customize button on the top right hand corner of Dispatch, It'll open the grid module where you can choose what time setting to use.

Note: Daylight Savings Time based rides are considered "Local Rides"

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