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Introduction to Driver Commissions
Introduction to Driver Commissions

Driver commissions

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Getting Started

To enable driver commissions, go into your "Billing Settings". From there, you'll see a checkbox to enable commissions. Once enabled, you'll see commission amounts for each ride that you bill.

Understanding Commission Rates

Commissions are calculated as a percentage of each field of the ride's totals. The total commissions for each trip will be automatically calculated when a ride is marked as "completed." The final amounts can be overridden at any time from the "Billing" section.

The "adjustment" field allows you to alter a driver's commission by a flat or percentage amount, which is applied after the other percentage-based commissions are calculated.

Setting Custom Commissions for Drivers

By default, each driver will be paid based on the commissions set in the "Billing Settings". To set different commissions for individual drivers, go into the "Drivers" section, and pull up their profile. You will see a tab for "Commissions" where you can opt to override the default commissions. Changing these values will not change the commissions for any other drivers.

Note: After changing commission rates, the changes will only go into effect for future rides and will not be applied retroactively to past trips.

Note: Commission amounts are always rounded down to the nearest cent. 

Viewing and Editing Commissions for Each Ride

Whenever you pull up a ride in the "Billing > Unsettled" or "Billing > Settled" list, you will see a tab to view your commission totals.

For unsettled rides, you can adjust the percentage based rates in the left column, and click "Update". The back-end will automatically re-calculate the total commission amounts, which you can review before settling the charge. Changing commission rates for an individual ride will not impact commissions for any other trips.

For settled rides, you can view the final commission amounts calculated, and you can edit these amounts in the right-hand column.

How will Drivers be able to see how much they are owed?

Drivers see their commission from within the EverTransit Driver app. They can view their rides by going to "Settings" > "Ride History". Rides with commissions will be prefixed with "Commission:" to indicate the amount that they are owed.

Getting Reports

Driver commissions will automatically appear on Ride Summary and Driver Revenue reports. These can be totaled up to automate your payroll process.

Recommended: from the "Reports" section, you can download a "Driver Revenue" report for any date range. This will automatically show the total amount in commission earned for every one of your drivers across that date range.

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