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How do I require credit cards from my customers?
How do I require credit cards from my customers?
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By default, credit cards are required from customers before they schedule a ride on your mobile app or web integration. This ensures that your customer has an easy, cashless experience, and the money can be charged immediately after the ride. Even though the card is required, an admin can still override the system and mark a ride paid in cash if necessary.

If you'd like to allow customers to schedule rides without adding a credit card, you can change this setting in the "Settings" > "Company Details" page in the dispatching center. You will see the following option:

Require customer credit card to schedule ride

  • Yes: this means credit cards will be required

  • No: this means that credit cards will not be required, and you will need to either collect cash or collect card at a later date

We highly recommend requiring credit cards, as it ensures prompt billing after the ride takes place. As a dispatcher, you can override this setting by creating rides through the dispatching center without a card, if necessary.

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