Yes! You can now specify cancellation fees for both pre-scheduled and on-demand trips. If a ride is canceled within the window of time you identify for each, the ride will be flagged in the "Billing > Unsettled" section for you to close out. Click on the 'Flagged' ride and it will take you to the 'Reservation Screen' where you can update the charge.

*Customers will automatically be sent a special cancellation receipt if you choose to charge a fee. You can find this under Billing Settings.

You can either add a set fee or leave it as $0 and modify the price based on which type of service level was cancelled and in what fashion. (Both options are shown below).

In your "Billing" > "Unsettled" list, you will see a trip flagged for review:

To close out the trip, you can adjust the cancellation fee, and charge the customer. You can set the charge to $0 if you do not wish to charge the customer.

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