We all make mistakes and changes are bound to occur. So what happens if you'd like to make modifications to some of the rides you have previously uploaded?

If you find yourself in this situation you have the option to undo your upload in a limited capacity.

Which rides can I modify and delete? You can only delete/modify rides that are in a "scheduled" state. If a ride has progressed to an "arrived" state or any other state, it is not allowed to be removed. (This is to ensure that your dispatchers do not accidentally delete trips that have already taken place!)

If you'd like to delete your upload, click on the upload file name you'd like to edit and then click on the 'Actions' button on the right-hand corner. From here you will see the option, in red, which reads "Delete All Rides".

Click "Delete All Rides" if you want to remove every ride that is in an unscheduled state.

  • If you opt to take this route, you will be sent an email with the summary after the removal is complete (may take several minutes).

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