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How do I manage "admins", "dispatchers", and "drivers"?
How do I manage "admins", "dispatchers", and "drivers"?
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As the administrator of the account, you are able to add and remove admins, dispatchers, and drivers for your company.

To do this, open the "settings" option in the upper right hand corner of the screen. There, you'll see three tabs for admins, dispatchers, and drivers.

To add a user:

Select the tab of the type of user you want to authenticate, add their email address, and select the "+" button.

There are two columns of users in the list. On the left, this is a list of users who have made an account on the EverTransit platform and have been authorized by an administrator. On the right, this is a list of pending users who have not yet made an account. This means you can authorize an email address, and their information will remain in the pending list until they signup for an account on either the EverTransit apps or the dispatching portal. Once an account has been created, the user will automatically move to the left list of authorized users.

To remove a user:

Simply select the red "x" button next to their name or email address and they will no longer be authorized.

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