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What is the difference between "Dispatchers" and "Administrators"?
What is the difference between "Dispatchers" and "Administrators"?
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To help manage the access control of your company, there are three categories of accounts that have access to your dispatching center. Dispatchers are able to book rides, view drivers, and charge customers, while Administrators are able to manage important company details such as pricing, settings, and reports. Owners are able to manage bank account deposits. There can be only 1 owner per company.

Dispatchers are able to:

  • Book new rides

  • Create customer profiles

  • Assign drivers

  • Edit ride details

  • Bill customers via cash or credit

  • Process refunds

  • View driver list and map of driver locations

Administrators are able to:

  • Perform all functions of dispatchers

  • Edit pricing and manage services

  • Add/remove drivers

  • Add/remove dispatchers

  • Add/remove other administrators

  • Download weekly reports

  • Update company settings

Owners are able to:

  • Perform all functions of administrators

  • Manage the company bank account

  • View payout history

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