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Ring Central integration

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EverTransit provides phone integration that allows you to book a new ride in seconds. Depending on your phone provider, you are able to pop up the new booking screen with customer data pre-populated based on caller ID.

To use the phone integration feature, you must already have an integration into your desktop computer.

2) Open Up Settings, and remain on General Settings

3) Make sure 'Launch an external app or a URL on incoming call' is selected and in the open text field type in:

4) Save

**You are also going to want to set your Ring Central settings to allow for both your phone and computer to ring simultaneously, you can find that under 'Call Handling & Forwarding'.

**Please note: Please make sure that Chrome is your default browser.

Now, when a call comes it, it will pop up the EverTransit 'New Booking' screen, with the number pre-populated.


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