Ride screen and status
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When a ride is first booked, whether through your call center, your website or mobile app, it first goes to an ‘Unassigned’ status in the ride screen, this means the ride has been booked but has no driver assigned.

Ride status is color coded depending on the phase the ride is in:

  • Unassigned (White): This means the ride has been scheduled but no driver has been assigned to the reservation.

  • Assigned (Green): The ride changes to this once a driver has been chosen, At this point, the customer receives a notification letting them know who the driver is and at what time the pick up is scheduled for.

  • En Route (Yellow): The driver begins this phase after accepting the ride, he'll swipe on his driver app to mark that he is on his way to the pickup location.

  • Arrived (Orange): Once the driver has arrived at the pickup location he'll mark himself as "Arrived" this will alert the customer that the driver is waiting for them at the pickup location.

  • In progress (Pink): This status represents that the client has been picked up and the ride has begun. (All distance/time-based fare meter begins counting at this phase)

  • Completed (Light blue): Once the driver has arrived at the destination and successfully dropped off the customer they can swipe to mark the ride as completed.

  • Canceled (Gray): Rides that have been canceled will be color coded gray.

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