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Book a new ride
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When clients call in for a ride, to book a ride, you press this green button on the top right of the dispatching center labeled ‘New Booking’. You can then enter some basic information about your client that is calling. If it a returning client, then their information automatically populates after a phone number is entered in, including credit card information. When you click ‘Next’, you can then enter in the ride details. You can customize this screen, and decide which information that your call center or dispatchers collect.

After the necessary information is collected, you can click ‘Create Ride.’ Depending on your dispatching settings, these rides will then either be auto-assigned to a drivers, broadcast to a driver or you can manually dispatch it to a driver of your choice. To manually dispatch the ride out you click on ‘Schedule’ and just scroll down and choose your driver. Once a driver is assigned a ride, it will show up on the driver app.

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