What does "pending" mean?
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If an email address remains under the "pending" tab, this means that there is no account created for the email address. To add users on EverTransit, you first add their email address to invite them, and then they must sign up for an account (with a name, email, phone, and password) either on the EverTransit driver app or through the EverTransit dispatching portal.

The process of inviting a user goes as follows:

1. Invite a member by email address, which approves any account with that email address to join your company.

2. The member must then sign up for a new account using the same email address that you have approved.

3. Once the account is created, they will be good to go!

If a driver or dispatcher tries to access your company before their email address is invited, they will not be able to join your company.

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