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How does the Concierge Booking Tool work?

Booking on behalf of others

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EverTransit offers an alternative booking tool which gives Social Workers, Hotel Concierges, Secretaries, et al. the opportunity to book on behalf of others.

The tool is similar to our web widget that allows customers to book rides for themselves. The difference is that it allows the person booking a ride, to add a separate passenger name, and it does not keep the same card

on file for each booking, so that the booker can use the tool for many passengers. In addition, the concierge tool will alert both the passenger and booker of ride statuses, such as when the driver has arrived.

In order to set up the 'Concierge Booking Tool' you will need to do the following:

1. Create your Accounts.

2. Make sure you have your Service Levels set up for each account.

3. Add the employees with all of their information - INCLUDING email.

4. Send the Booking Agent the link to the Concierge Widget embedded on your site.

5. Ask the Booking Agent to Sign Up for an account.

6. The Booking Agent needs to login using the password they created.

7. Booking Agent can now book for clients.

Note: Booking Agent's can book for employees that are not listed as employees.

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