What does "invited" mean?
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An email address will remain in the "pending" list until they have gone online on the app for the first time. When you add their email address, they will prompted to download the app and start driving for your company. If they don't have an email or password, they will need to sign up to create one.

The process of inviting a user goes as follows:

1. Invite a member by email address, which approves any account with that email address to join your company.

2. They will be prompted to sign up for an account on the EverTransit app (if they already have an app, they can simply login).

3. Once the account is created, they will see your company when they go online (i.e. start their shift).

The driver will be moved from the "invited" section to the "drivers" list once they have gone online for the first time!

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