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Manifest Upload CSV | How to manually upload your rides properly.
Manifest Upload CSV | How to manually upload your rides properly.
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If you are interested in uploading a lot of rides all at once, you can use our standardized csv file to do so--download the template we've provided to get started (can be found at the bottom of the page)! Please note that some columns are optional and some are required. Please see below which are required and which fields can remain empty.

  • customer_name (required) - Example: John Smith

  • customer_phone (required if phone numbers are required) - Example: +12123483938

  • customer_email (optional)

  • start_address (required) - Ideally should reflect Google's address format. Example: 1201 30th Street, New York, NY, United States

  • end_address (optional--only required if you have selected the ride to be Round Trip)

  • pickup_date (required) - Date/time must be in 24-hour military time. The date format must follow this pattern: 2017-6-14 13:50

  • return_date (optional) - Only include this if you want to create a round trip with 2 legs

  • account_id (optional) - The corporate account ID for corporate rides. Example: AA123 (Corporate ID's can be found within the Corporate Account Company Details Page)

  • service_type (required) - The name of the service level in use. This will be a case-insensitive string match, similar to Zone matching for rate group uploads

  • passengers (required) - Number of passengers. The value for this field must be at least 1.

  • driver_notes (optional)

  • dispatcher_notes (optional)

  • customer_notes (optional)

  • driver_name (optional)

  • driver_email (optional) - If specified, it can assign the ride to a driver at the time it is created.

  • external_ID (optional) - You can include a unique external ID for the customer here.

  • fixed_price (optional) - To override the service level's pricing, you can add a flat price here.

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