Setting Up Flat Rates with Rate Groups

How to set up custom or flat rates to your services with rate groups

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Using Rate Groups are a way to apply several Custom Rates to the services that you offer.

Using the zones you have created you are able to set up custom rates.

You can apply the same Rate Group to several service levels.

To set up your Rate Group

1. From the left menu, select "Pricing" > "Rate Groups"

2. Click the green "New" button

3. Name your rate group, for example "Sedan rates"

The next step is to set up your Flat Rates. 

1. Click the green ‘New Rate’ button

2. Choose your start zone, and end zone (view this article on how to set up zones)

3. Choose whether this rate is one way or bidirectional, meaning it will be the same rate both ways

4. Put the name of your rate in the ‘Rate Name’ box

5. Under pricing, you can either enter a flat rate, or a custom rate

6. Once done, click ‘Save’

Important: Next we have to apply your rate groups to your service levels, without doing this step, your rates will not work correctly.

1. From the left menu, click ‘Pricing’ > ‘Service Levels’

2. Select the service level you want to add the custom rates to and click on the ‘Rates’ tab

3. Choose the rate group dropdown box and select whichever rate group you want to associate with that service level

4. Click ‘Save’, and you are done! You have added a rate group to your service level. Now when customers book via your website, customer app, or when you book rides through dispatch, it will automatically determine whether or not to apply a custom flat rate based on the starting and ending location.

Have a lot of rates? View this article to upload a .csv file if you have multiple rates you want to bulk upload

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