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Flagging trips for review
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If your company allows drivers to settle totals at the end of the trip, you may want to flag certain trips to be reviewed by an admin in the event of an error. This will not charge a credit card, but instead sends the trip back to dispatch to be billed.

To set your parameters, go to "Settings" > "Company Details", and look under "Billing Settings." Under "Advanced", you will see a series of options:

  • Subtotal: the amount of the trip before any discounts or surcharges are applied.

  • Tolls: tolls amounts entered by the driver.

  • Surcharges: the total amount of surcharges added by the driver.

  • Distance (miles): the distance traveled by the driver throughout the trip, determined by the driver app.

Each option has an "above" and "below" value for the option selected. If "below" is checked, then any value that falls below the value entered will flag the trip for review. If "above" is checked, any value above that value will be flagged. For example, for "Subtotal", you can enable "below", and enter a value of $5 to flag any trips with a subtotal less than $5.

This allows you to improve efficiency by allowing drivers to charge out trips, while giving you the tools to monitor any unusual charges.

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