What are Default Surcharges?
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Default Surcharges

Default surcharges are charges that you would like added to each ride taken with that service level.

Surcharges can be dynamically based on the distance, duration, time, or the number of passengers on the trip. You can also apply surcharges within a certain "range". For example, you could apply a mileage-based surcharge that only applies for every mile after the 5th mile.

โ€‹You can do this by:

  1. Going into the pricing tab on the dispatch console

  2. Selecting an existing or creating a new service level

  3. Enter a description name reflecting what the surcharge is

  4. Set the amount

  5. Apply the applicable surcharge

  6. Set the time frame you want the surcharge to be active during (if applicable)

  7. Save and exit the service level.

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