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Why aren't my drivers moving on the map?
Why aren't my drivers moving on the map?
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Drivers not moving on the map:

The common cause for this is due to the app being force closed on the phone/tablet.
This could be due to the app crashing or the phone malfunctioning. Generally restarting the app and or phone tends to fix this.

Other causes could be the driver forgetting to "Go offline" on the app and simply shutting down their phone/tablet.
Doing this causes the driver to remain "Online" in our dispatch software. However, it will show him stuck on the last location before shutting down the phone.

Why are my Drivers showing up off the coast of Egypt?

This is due to a driver's phone GPS being disabled/turned off before they go offline. It causes the app to send their location to dispatch as coordinates "00, 00" Which happens to be in Egypt.

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