Appears on statement as: the text that appears on your customer's receipts after being charged for a ride. This should be your legal company name.

Support email: the email that we will use to contact you regarding your account

Email banner: the image that appears on any emails sent to your customers. It can link to any hosted image.

Require signup email confirmation: if set to yes, we will send verification emails to users to confirm that their email address is valid. It is recommended that this be set to yes.

Payment mode: the default pricing structure. EverTransit supports multiple payment modes, but this option indicates the default price that will be charged if no other value is given.

Initial ride fee: the flat fee added to all rides.

Rate per hour: the default rate for rides that are charged per hour.

Rate per mile: the default rate for rides that are charged per mile.

Rate per person: the default rate for rides that are charged per passenger.

Require driver ratings: if set to yes, drivers will be required to provide a rating of the passengers for which they provide rides. EverTransit provides a 5-star rating system for reviewing customers that future drivers will be able to see.

Maximum scheduled rides per rider: the maximum number of rides that a rider is allowed to have scheduled at a given time. A value of 0 indicates that there is no limit to the number of rides a customer can schedule concurrently.

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