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How do I manage Account "members"?
How do I manage Account "members"?
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The list of Account members indicates which users are eligible to use particular Account service levels.

This includes:

1. People whom you would like to book rides on behalf of your members (booking agents).

2. Corporate members themselves.

Verifying Member Accounts

First things first: Add the name and email address of the member you would like to have access to the Corporate Account!

To verify the member's identity (both booking member and client member), when the member goes to Sign Up for an account, in the system will check if the member's email address is included in the member list. If the email address is on the list, they will see the corporate Service Levels to choose from when booking a ride. If the email is not found, they will not be able to book a corporate ride (unless overridden by a dispatcher or admin).

Uploading Employee Lists

You can upload employee lists in a CSV document. This is a common format supported by all spreadsheet programs. When uploading your document, the following fields are supported:

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • email (required)

  • phone

  • phoneExt

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