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What is the auto-dispatch "timeout" interval?
What is the auto-dispatch "timeout" interval?
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With Auto-Dispatching enabled, you can instantly assign trips to the closest available driver in real time. This can be used for on-demand and pre-scheduled reservations. The goal is to provide the best customer experience by assigning the best driver in the shortest period of time.

Auto-Dispatch also allows you to inform your clients when no drivers are able to fulfill their request. The "timeout" setting allows you to control how long Auto-Dispatch will run before it will cancel the ride and notify the passenger that no drivers are available. If auto-dispatch is unable to find drivers within this interval, the ride will be canceled.

This will either text the passenger or send a push notification to their app about the cancellation. This assures the passenger that their request was received and no cars were available at that time for that location.


An on-demand taxi fleets uses Auto-Dispatch to automatically assign available cars to new rides. Each driver is given 15 seconds to accept or reject new trips. However, if no drivers take the ride within 30 seconds, they want the customer to be notified that no cars are available.

When a customer books a ride, they will receive a notice that no drivers are available if:

- Auto-Dispatch is unable to find any available drivers

- It has been more than 30 seconds from the time the ride was booked.

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