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What is the "Driver Selection Algorithm"
What is the "Driver Selection Algorithm"
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With Auto-Dispatching enabled, the system will automatically assign rides to drivers for a given amount of time. You are able to determine the algorithm that determines how those drivers are selected. This is called the "Driver Selection Algorithm", and there are 3 possible settings:

  • Closest available drivers: This means that the system will choose drivers based on their location and current schedule to choose a driver who is close to the pick-up location and does not have a ride assigned during that time. The system uses a combination of distance and availability factors to make this decision, and it will assign drivers in order based on this ranking.

  • Favorite drivers, followed by closest available: This means that the first drivers chosen for a ride will always be the customer's favorite drivers. Drivers will be chosen in the same order as they appear on the customer's profile. You can manage and rearrange this list on a customer's profile at any time. If the favorited drivers do not accept the ride, the system will then auto-dispatch based on the closest available driver preference described above.

  • Favorite drivers only: This means that auto-dispatch will only assign this ride to the customer's favorite drivers. If the favorited drivers do not accept the ride, auto-dispatch will stop.


Let's say that you operate a fleet of 10 cars, and have your Driver Selection Algorithm set to "Favorite drivers, followed by closest available". A customer with 2 favorite drivers books a ride, which initiates auto-dispatch. The first favorite driver is selected, given a certain amount of time to accept, and then sent to the second favorite driver. If both drivers decline the trip, the ride will then be auto-dispatched to each of the 8 other drivers in order of their distance and availability.

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