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Real Time Vehicle Tracking - Color Coded Tracking
Real Time Vehicle Tracking - Color Coded Tracking
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EverTransit gives you the ability to track the location of each of your drivers. You can access the this by clicking ‘Map’ on the left hand side of the screen. Here you can see a map of each of your drivers. As long as your driver has a good signal, their location will update every few seconds. You can also click on the icon of the car to see who the driver is, along with their basic information. As the pick up rides, you can see them driving down the roads. This a great asset to increase company transparency, and dispatching efficiency. The map automatically updates without any need for the driver to engage with the app and making it easy for the dispatchers to view where their drivers are!

Color-Coded Drivers on Map

Drivers are now color-coded on the Map section based on their availability. The color codes match up with the ride status colors in the main dispatch grid. Here's a breakdown of the colors:

Green: available

Yellow: arrived on scene for an upcoming trip

Red/Orange: in progress with their current trip

This makes the dispatching process easier than ever and gives you more insights into your driver behavior.

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