Uploading a Rate Group
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Rate Groups are ways to apply several Custom Rates to the services that you offer. We support uploading CSV documents (spreadsheets) that represent your rates.

Formatting your CSV

The first column of the document should contain the name of the starting Zone. The first row should contain the name of the ending Zone. Each cell will represent the flat rate from the starting zone to the ending zone.

Important notes:

  • The Zone names in the CSV must match the name of the name of the Zones that you have created. Spelling mistakes are a common source of errors - It must be EXACT. You cannot combine several zones into one column or row.

  • The document must be in a ".csv" format. All spreadsheet software will allow you to export this format

  • Only rate amounts that are a valid number greater than 0 will create a custom rate. This means that "ten" will not create a rate for $10.

Download a Sample CSV for an example Rate Group between New York City boroughs and local airports.

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