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Rates allow you to override your default pricing based on where a trip starts or ends. They are based on Zones that you set up for specific areas.

Each Custom Rate has its own pricing, and this will override the default pricing you set up in your Service Level. If you leave a field blank, it will revert to the Service Level's pricing. So, if you want to set a particular pricing field to 0, you need to manually enter "0.00". Otherwise, it will default to the default pricing.

There are two kinds of rates:

1. Zone to Zone

This lets you define a pricing scheme if the ride starts and ends in a particular area. This is helpful for flat rates between certain boroughs and airports.


$45 rate from Manhattan to JFK. You will define your "Start Zone" as Manhattan and your "End Zone" as JFK. The system will automatically detect where the trip starts and ends, and will apply the rate if it meets this condition.

2. Zone to Anywhere

This lets you define a pricing scheme for any trips that start in a particular zone. This is helpful for setting different pricing in different markets.


You typically charge $2.50 per mile, but you charge $3.25 per mile in a Downtown area to cover your costs. If this is the case, you would define your "Start Zone" as Downtown, and leave your "End Zone" blank. Then, set your Custom Rate pricing to $3.25 per mile, and it will automatically be applied if the trip begins in the Downtown area.

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