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Introduction to Rate Groups
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A Rate Group is a collection of Custom Rates that can be applied to a particular service that you offer. You can apply the same Rate Group to several service levels and corporate accounts.

To apply these to your pricing, edit any Service Level, and set the Rate Group to the group that you create.


You offer a "Sedan" service to 3 different corporate accounts, and each of them have their own pricing. However, you want to apply the same Airport rates to all three accounts. To do this, you'll create a Rate Group:

Setting up your Rate Group

1. From the left menu, select "Pricing" > "Rate Groups"

2. Select "New Rate Group"

3. Name your rate group as something like "Airport Rates"

Setting up your Flat Rates

1. From the left menu, select "Pricing" > "Rate Groups"

2. Select "New Rate"

3. Create a rate for each airport flat rate (i.e. $45 to JFK), and set the Rate Group to the name you created above.

Applying to your Services

1. For each Corporate Account, select "Pricing"

2. Select the Sedan service

3. Under "Pricing", set the Rate Group to your "Airport Rates" rate group that you had set up.

Done! Now you have your Rates linked together into a Rate Group.

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