How do I set a service as prescheduled only?
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Service Levels are set by default to be on-demand, with the option to preschedule. If you'd like to remove the on-demand options from a particular service, you will set the "Prescheduling interval" in the Pricing setup page.

If you set your "Prescheduling interval" to a certain period of time, your customers will be required to schedule their rides that far in advance. This can be changed at any time, and the update will automatically go live on the web form and mobile apps.

It is important to note that dispatchers can override this setting and create rides for any time.


Let's take an example ServiceLevel called "Party Bus" that must be reserved 2 hours in advance. From the "Pricing" page, you will set the "Prescheduling interval" to 2 hours. This means that customers will not be able to schedule a ride less than 2 hours in advance.

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