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Introduction to Service Levels
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Service Levels are different pricing configurations that can be used for different driving services that your company offers. Each service type can have its own pricing setup and different information requested from passengers.

For example, if your company offers an hourly driving service as well as a flat rate airport service, you can create a service type for each. You can configure an hourly rate for your hourly service, and set up a flat fee for your airport service as well as information about the airline and flight number.

To get started with service types, open the settings option, and select the "service types" tab. In the right-hand column, you can create your own service types.

Each service can include the following information:

Service name (required): The title of the service. E.g. "Airport Service to JFK"

Description (optional): A short description of the service. E.g. "Flat-rate service to and from JFK Airport."

Rate type: the pricing method; this can be per hour, per mile, or per passenger

Price: the value of the rate; this will calculate a total based on the rate type selected

Pickup charge: a flat rate that will be charged for all rides.

Service types can also include specific input fields about the ride. To learn more about input fields, click here.

Once a service type is saved, you will see in the left column. Service types can be rearranged in this list, and the top service will be treated as the "default" service. You can edit a service at any time by clicking the orange button next to the service name.

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