EverTransit provides an easy-to-use web form for customers to schedule rides directly from your website. These forms can be embedded easily by adding just 1 line of code, and doesn't require making any other changes to your site.

To get your embeddable code, visit the dispatching center, and navigate to "Settings" > "Integrations" from the left menu.

Adjusting Size

From there, you will see an example form that appears below, and you have the option to change 3 settings:

  • Width can either be specified in pixels (px) or percentage (%)

  • Height can either be specified in pixels (px) or percentage (%)

  • Theme can be chosen from the dropdown

Changing Theme & Colors

The "theme" dropdown will let you customize the booking form to match the branding of your website. Use the dropdown to try out different themes, and they will update on the form below.

Integrating into your Website

Changing any of these settings will update the example form below, and will update the code in the upper right hand corner to copy. Once you are satisfied with your settings, you can copy and paste that code into the HTML of your website. You can provide to this to your web developer, or contact us for assistance.

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