Connecting With GNET

This article will help you get connected with our newest integration with GNET

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Start receiving rides from GNET with our new integration!

We have now integrated with a software called GNET.

  • GNET connects fleets with one another by connecting multiple dispatching software into one easy to use portal. Once you are signed up for GNET you will be able to farm rides in/out with other fleets who are on Dispatching Softwares that are also partnered with GNET.

  • Remember you are still able to farm rides in/out with other fleets on EverTransit by becoming an affiliate with them. If you want to learn of other fleets in your area that are on EverTransit. Reach out to our team with your location and we can provide some fleets which you can try to be an affiliate with.

So lets get started with getting connected with GNET

  • Navigate to

  • Click the app menu on the top right.

  • Click GNET and then click ‘Start Now’.

  • Next, click ‘register’ to begin the registration process.

  • Be sure to fill out all required fields and select EverTransit as your reservation system.

Click ‘Register’.

You will be notified once your registration has been approved.

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