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How do I connect my Affiliate Coverage Zone to my profile?
How do I connect my Affiliate Coverage Zone to my profile?
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In order to communicate to communicate which areas your company provides affiliate services, you'll need to start with Zones (learn more about how to use this functionality here). So, if you have yet to create a Zone, head over to EverTransit Dispatch Portal, go to the side bar navigation, select 'Pricing', then select 'Zone' and create a Zone that covers your entire coverage area for your service levels.

Please Note: If you do not yet have a coverage zone set for your service levels, this means you allow your customers to use the app and your web integration anywhere they would like.

This will expand your coverage zone to include this new shape, and will allow your clients to use the app and web integration to book rides both in your territory that that of you affiliate.

For every new area that you would like your customers to book rides in using the app and web integration, you can add a new shape to your service level's coverage zone.

Final Step: Now that you've created your coverage Zone(s), you'll need to head over to "Settings", then click on 'Company Details', and connect the Zone you created in Affiliate Company Details section.

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