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How to Create Service Levels for EverTransit Connect
How to Create Service Levels for EverTransit Connect
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Adding Service Levels:

The foundation of how you use EverTransit Connect begins with Service Levels. Creating a Service Level allows you to configure, classify and organize, as well as describe the type of service and vehicles you have to offer your Affiliates. Keeping your Service Levels as simple and straightforward as possible will help you seamlessly connect with other affiliates.

Ok, so let's drill this down a bit. How exactly do you make sure your Service Levels are set up so Affiliates can connect with you and vice versa? To start, you'll need to be sure your Vehicle Types and Preferences are organized properly within each individual Service Level.

Vehicle Preferences & Types:

Vehicle Preferences and types are very important. Make sure to accurately label each Service Level with the proper vehicle types and vehicles preferences. If an affiliates sends you a ride using a Service Level marked as ‘Luxury’ for instance, you need to have a service level that matches this classification to receive a farm-in from them. Similarly, if a you create a ride with a Service Level marked ‘Taxi’ AND ‘Luxury’ you can only farm out to an affiliate who has a service level with these classifications.

When an affiliate attempts to send a ride it will scan the system for an affiliate that matches the Vehicle Type. Further, if you want to be extremely specific you should select a Vehicle Type -- an SUV, for example. If an Affiliate farms out a ride that requires a Luxury SUV and you have a Service Level set-up to be a Luxury SUV the system will allow them to farm the ride out to you.

Note that if you don’t mark anyVehicle Types or Vehicle Preferences, then you are not setting any limitations to what types of rides you can receive.

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