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How do I connect with affiliates?
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If your affiliate is already using EverTransit, add them by their "Affiliate Referral Code"

The affiliate referral code is a unique 6-character code that you can be used to match an affiliate. Every company has their own code, and you can share your code with others so they can add your company as an affiliate.

If you know someone's referral code, you can create the relationship by clicking "New Affiliate", and entering in their code in the referral box on the right of the screen.

If your affiliate is not using EverTransit, invite them to the platform by their email address


You can invite an affiliate directly if you know their name and email address. From dispatch, you can click "Affiliates" > "New Affiliate", and enter their details on the left hand side.

This will send an email with a special referral link to your affiliate. If they click the link, the affiliate relationship will be created automatically.

New affiliate relationships will be created with your default settings, which you can learn about here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a company's affiliate referral code?

This is a private code, so you will need to contact your affiliate and ask them to send you the code that they have in their Affiliate Settings.

Why can't I search for affiliates?

Due to the private nature of your business, we don't automatically add your company or any other EverTransit company to a publicly available list. This is why you must first authorize your affiliates by adding their affiliate invite code.

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