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How do I manage my existing affiliates?
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From your Affiliates list, you can click on an affiliate to manage their details. You can set preferences on how you farm rides in and farm rides out to a particular company.

Farm Out


  • This determines if farming out is "enabled" or "disabled." If disabled, this affiliate will not appear in your list of affiliates when farming out a ride.


  • When farming out, you can charge your customers a marked up version of your affiliate's pricing. This is the amount of revenue that you will make for that ride.

Default Instructions

  • These instructions will always show up to your affiliates when you farm out to them. Some examples would be "Call affiliate manager prior to trip for confirmation."

Internal Notes

  • These are internal notes for you company about the affiliate. Some examples would be "Do not farm out VIP trips to this affiliate."

Farm In

Automatically accept farm-in requests

  • If enabled, any farmed in rides from this affiliate will automatically be "accepted", meaning that you will not need to "accept" or "reject" an incoming farm-in ride.

Affiliate can view my driver locations

  • If enabled, this affiliate will see the current locations of your cars when farming rides to you. We recommend enabling this field so your affiliates have an accurate overview of your availability.

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