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How do I book a ride that will be farmed out?
How do I book a ride that will be farmed out?
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Farming out a ride is very similar to booking a ride for your own drivers. The only difference is, in the 'New Booking' screen, click the words 'Farm Out' instead. Yo will select a service level of your own that will match up the service level of your affiliates. Once all of the customer and ride info is input and 'Farm Out' is selected, then click 'Create Ride'.

When 'Create Ride' is clicked for a Farm Out, it will not be auto-dispatched to your drivers. Instead, you can then open up this ride from the dispatch grid, where you can 'Choose Affiliate' from your list of affiliates. Then, choose the service level of your affiliate that is needed.


Please Note: The only service levels that will show up from your affiliate in the drop-down list, are the service levels that match up with the service level that you originally chose from the New Booking screen when booking a ride. The way that the service levels are matched up are based on the Vehicle Types and Vehicle Preferences that are chosen at the bottom of the service level.

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