On the dispatch grid, in Rides --> All, the sixth column is labeled 'Farm Status'. When you first send out a ride to an affiliate, the farm status will say 'Out (Pending)'- in orange. When you send this ride to them, the affiliate will also be emailed, with some basic detail of the ride as well as a link to their free Connect Portal to view all ride details.

Once your affiliate accepts the ride, the status will go from 'Out (Pending)', - in orange, to Out (Accepted) - in green.

Once they accept the ride, you can track the phases of the ride as your affiliate fulfills this ride for you. Then, the money goes straight to you when the client is charged.

Note that you can also use the Farm Status filter on the top of the dispatch grid to get a better picture of which rides are accepted, pending, farmed-in, and farmed-out.

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