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How do I accept an incoming farm-in ride?
How do I accept an incoming farm-in ride?
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When an affiliate sends you a ride - two things will happen. One, you will get an email with the ride details. This email will have a link back to the dispatch grid so you can accept the ride. Second, the ride will automatically show up on the dispatch grid as a 'Farm-in Pending' - in yellow. You can see this in the sixth column of the dispatch grid called 'Farm Status'.

When you open up this ride, either from the link in the email or straight from the dispatch grid, you will see the details of the ride, along with the option to accept the ride.

If you have full access to EverTransit, you can then dispatch it out to your drivers, and manage the ride like you would any other ride in EverTransit. The only difference is, when the client is charged, the money goes to your affiliate who sent you the ride, and you must collect it from them. If you have the free EverTransit Connect portal, then you can manage the ride using your own dispatch system. Just make sure that when the ride is complete, you open up this ride and on the bottom right-hand side find the drop-down menu where you can mark the ride as 'Complete'.

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