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What does it mean if there are "No Matching Affiliate Services"?
What does it mean if there are "No Matching Affiliate Services"?
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When farming out, the system will automatically make sure that your customer is receiving the proper vehicle type that they requested. During the farm-out process, the system will detect your own service level's vehicle type (Sedan, SUV, etc.) and other requirements (luxury, wheelchair-accessible, etc.), and it will only farm out to companies that provide that level of service.


If you see this message, there are a few possible causes:

  1. Does your Affiliate have their Service Levels set up? If not, they will need to go into their EverTransit account and add the services that they provide.

2. Does your Affiliate offer the vehicle that your client requested? For example, if your client requested an SUV, your affiliate may not offer an SUV service.

3. Does the Service Level that your client requested have any specific requirements? If your service level is specified as "luxury", "wheelchair-accessible", or "taxi", your affiliate will also need to have these added to their Service Levels.

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