EverTransit was designed to be fully customizable in order to seamlessly facilitate and upgrade your current operations to a digital format. Let's start the process with pricing:

On the left hand side navigation bar in the dispatch console, you will see and select a tab called 'Pricing' -- here is where you'll set up Service Levels. You'll need to establish these settings in order to determine which information will be collected by your call center and dispatchers, which information will appear on you web widget, as well as what will appear on your mobile app.

What's a Service Level?

Service levels are individual types of pricing categories you offer in relation to the types of vehicles and services you provide. Each Service Level gives you the option to calculate minimum fares, taxes, gratuity, waiting charges and more based on the vehicle type. In this section you can also decide which information you would like to collect from you clients; some popular options include ‘Flight information’, ‘Number of Passengers’ ‘Promotional Code’, or simply ‘Extra Details'. Again, EverTransit is totally customizable for your particular needs -- whatever you work out based on your business requirements will reflect on your custom app, on your web widget, and for your call center. You'll be seamlessly and consistently collecting important information across all platforms.

What's the next step?

Once you set up the basics of your Service Levels, you now have the opportunity to add Zone-Specified pricing to each individual Service Level. Zones allow you to specify coverage areas as well as determine pricing based on a rides start location. To add this feature to a Service Level you'll need to return to the sidebar navigation:

1. Go Under ' Pricing' --> select 'Zones'

2. Click 'Add Zone'

3. Click 'Draw New Shape', draw your zone and press 'Save'.

4. Return to 'Pricing', click on 'Service Level', and assign the new coverage 'Zone' to the Service Level you choose.

You can learn more about Zones here: https://dashride.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/1000161297-introduction-to-zones

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