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I can't log in! Help!
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How to reset your password:

First, please ensure that the individual who is having trouble logging in is using the proper email that is authorized to have access to EverTransit. Even the slightest change in spelling in their email will deny them access. Also, make them aware that the passwords are case-sensitive, so adding an incorrect capital letter would deny access as well.

1) Go to the EverTransit login page.

2) under the password box click on the "Forgot Password" button once. (If clicked more than once, it will restart the process nullifying the recovery email that is sent out automatically)

3)You will receive an email to the address in question with a link.
4) Click on the link and enter your new password.

**Note: Just because someone has been invited to EverTransit and their email is in the system it doesn't mean that they have created an account. Please check that the Admin or Driver has actually set up an account - and by that we mean adding telephone number, creating a password, and entering a full name!

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